How face-to-face marketing generates greater results than mass marketing

We believe that forms of mass marketing, such as email, television and radio may have had their day. Spam emails and broken promises from television and radio advertising have desensitised the consumer to these methods of selling. A large number of emails from sellers go un-opened and the channel is often changed when adverts come on, meaning that the message is rarely received by consumers. Whereas, face-to-face marketing, with its personal approach is rarely ignored by consumers, even if the deal is never closed, and is becoming a much more popular and much more effective form of marketing. If you’re not convinced then we’ve shared the following reasons as to why face-to-face marketing is more effective than mass marketing:

Gain the buyer’s attention
When you are in front of a prospect or client, you have the enviable position of having his or her complete attention. However, just like television ads, you must impress them immediately. Therefore, enthusiasm and energy are just as important as the product knowledge. Selling face-to-face and gaining attention of a consumer is much more powerful than being another envelope in a sea of letters.

Tailor product benefits to specific needs of the buyer
Mass marketing is aimed at exactly that, a mass of people, and only a handful of these people will actually find the product useful and an even smaller handful will go out and buy the product. With face-to-face marketing you can find out about your consumer and the needs they have and then offer them a product that will best suit their needs. There will be a much higher likelihood of them being interested in and buying the product.

Tailor a presentation to a specific buyer type
You can aim your product or your presentation at an ideal target market. The people who are most likely to be interested in your product as it will help them in some way. But you can also tailor these presentations to meet the different behavioural types of the people that fall into your ideal target market. You would not offer the same pitch to a 20 year old and a 70 year old as they will have different needs and also respond to different types of communication. With face-to-face marketing the presentation can be altered to suit each consumer and their differences.

Provide instant answers to buyer questions
Buyers can become impatient, if they can’t find the answer to their question online and the brand’s social media pages aren’t responding quickly enough, they will take their custom elsewhere. The beauty of face-to-face marketing is that if the consumer has a question it can be answered immediately and they will be left with no doubt on how the product works.


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