Establishing your business’ core values

Establishing your business’ core values

Most entrepreneurs start a business because they feel there is a problem that needs solving and that they have or could create the solution to that problem. But to connect with consumers businesses need more than just a fix to a problem, they must have values. A business’ core values is what attracts loyal customers, as they feel they can relate to the business and that the business stands for something they respect and agree with. This is also important for developing a strong company culture – you can attract and maintain top talent if you have strong core values that they agree with.

Here, we have revealed what you should consider when establishing your company’s core values:

  1. Clear values should define the business and guide behaviour.
  2. As the company grows these founding beliefs will need to be made more formal and explicit.
  3. Try to avoid writing these values down using generic words and phrases (like “integrity”), use your own unique voice. This makes the values more relatable and reinforces whatever is unique about the culture.
  4. Involve everyone within the company in the creation and codification of the values. A business owner should lead but not dictate. This is continuous process, as there are always more things that can be done to make sure the values are being stuck to and are effective.
  5. Always reinforce the values – repeat, reward and recognise. For example an example of recognition, the CEO could pick one value a month and the company votes for one person who best characterises that value.
  6. Good, practiced values can help make difficult decisions. Especially decisions where numbers and analysis alone can’t give you the answer.
  7. Lead by example. If the CEO and leaders do not follow the values then they will not stick with everyone else.
  8. Be ready to be tested. Employees should – and will – call you out based on your values. While this can be a bit painful, this is a good sign because it means the values have really taken hold at the root level and are being used multi-directionally.
  9. Values should make you and everyone else in the firm proud to work there.
  10. Always stick to your core values, and be honest about them! Consumers will appreciate the transparency.

Credico’s 5 top tips to improve productivity

5 top tips to improve productivity

We know that in a fast-paced business world, people always want to accomplish more with their days. So how can you be more productive? We’ve released our top tips for improving your own productivity.

Arrive early, stay later
If your day is constantly disrupted by rush hour traffic, get up early and beat it. This will not only leave you in a better mood for the rest of the day but also means that you have more time to get things done. The same goes for the end of the work day. Your ability to save these extra hours will help increase your productivity levels.

Plan each day the night before
This can be a total game changer for most people. This could be as simple as preparing your lunch the night before, putting your clothes out ready, or leaving your briefcase by the front door. Or you could take the time before you go to bed the night before to create your to-do list and prioritise it. This will give you a head start the next day. Our top tip is to put a star next to the most important tasks on your to do list, reminding you that these are the tasks that need to be done to push you forward with achieving big goals.

Leave the office for lunch
Something so small can have a hugely powerful effect on how you work for the remainder of your day. Leaving the work environment for lunch can ease stress levels, refresh your creativity and help you to re-focus.

Minimise distractions
Distractions are everywhere. If you work from a computer, as most people do, there is always the temptation to check social media, or surf the internet, or check your emails every 5 minutes. Eliminate these distractions and allow set times for checking your emails. You could even go as far as hanging a do not disturb sign on your door during really important tasks, so that co-workers know not to bother you.

Keep your goals in sight at all times
After setting extremely big and exciting goals that you want to accomplish, keep them in sight at all times. You could even write your goals down and carry them with you so that you see them at random points throughout the day. This way when you glance at your goals your motivation levels will likely increase.

Event Marketing Ideal for the Wearable Technology Market Claims Credico UK

New research has surfaced which suggests that too many consumers, the concept of wearable technology is still alien. With many big brands hoping to push this technology in 2015, a lack of consumer understanding could be a serious blow. Credico UK reveals how Event marketing or other forms of Direct Marketing could help.

Wearable technology is set to be one of the hottest trends, with a number of new brands unveiling new wearable devices according to Marketing Week (3rd March 2015). Market research group CCS Insight has forecasted that global sales in wearable technology will hit 135 million units in 2018, up from 9.7 million in 2013. Many brands are relying on new wearable technology to make them stand out from their competitors and the health and fitness functions of wearables are continuing to advance as a result of improving sensor technology; enabling users to track heart rate, sleep patterns, nutrition intake etc.

Most consumers have not yet bought into the hype surrounding wearable devices. 61% of adults surveyed would not buy one according to research from Marketing Week. Google’s recent decision to stop the production of its flagship wearable product, Google Glass, demonstrates the difficulty of launching a new concept device for the mass market. A survey of 2000 people commissioned by the experiential agency Fizz, revealed 37% of consumers feel there is no need for a wearable and 15% claim it is ‘a fad’. Credico UK state that companies can’t just rely on a brands previous success and that the needs of a target audience must be understood before the new technology can be accepted by consumers.

The Fizz research also found that 41% of respondents would feel more tempted to buy wearables if they could interact with them by touching them and trying them on first. 31% stated that in-store demonstrations would encourage a purchase to be made. Credico UK believe event marketing (a form of direct marketing) could be beneficial in filling the gap in consumer understanding and it will help to get consumers exciting about wearable technology. This is because it will enable consumers to interact with the technology before they buy it and the sales representatives will have the necessary training to advise shoppers about the technology.

Credico UK is the Britain’s leading field sales organisation that offer clients a new customer acquisition programme that is tailor made to suit their individual requirements. The organisation has gained vast experience in all aspects of direct sales including event marketing.


The importance of a positive attitude

At Credico UK we believe that a positive attitude can go a long way at work and can not only make the atmosphere a lot better for everyone involved but can help people push towards success. Being positive gives people the motivation to keep that positivity going.

We have outlined the main reasons why people need to be positive at work and the benefits of this:

Less Stress

It’s healthier for you and everyone around you. Stress can bring about a whole world of problems such as insomnia, fatigue, and loss of concentration and even some more serious ailments like severe depression and high blood pressure. Staying positive is a way to reduce these pains.

Happy Peers

Your stress levels can affect everyone around you, whether you are so scattered you can’t organise your thoughts enough to send a coherent email, or you lash out in frustration at a startled co-worker. Improving your disposition will have a ripple effect that positively influences everyone you come in contact with.

Job Security

A bad attitude (and subsequent side effects) can get you fired, so take it down a notch, take a deep breath, and maybe take a break! An employee who gets the ball rolling and keeps everyone on track is a much better asset.


Positivity is required to enjoy life. But you will have to take steps to get to your happy place. Most of us don’t get what we want all the time but you can’t focus on the negative. Keep in mind that you work to make money. You are not obligated to do anything other than the services you were hired to do. Set your limits and it may help you keep a level head in the workplace.


You control your life, your path and your decisions. Do what makes you happy and positive and you will find that you enjoy life a lot more and feel more in control of what happens next.

Why Our Clients Choose us!

As the year draws to an end, we are taking the time to reflect on what we do best for our clients and why our clients choose us so that we can maintain our level of service into the New Year. We get regular feedback from our clients and looking over their comments we were pleased to receive so many kind words.

Care2Give was established to provide charities with an alternative means of securing long term, committed supporters. Care2Give enjoy working with us because, “Innovation requires collaboration, our partnership with Credico UK has enabled us to use each of our businesses strengths to accelerate performance and reach our aspiration of impressive year on year growth” says Phil Lowther, Managing Director of Care2Give.

Leading broadband and telephone company TalkTalk also find our innovative skills to be of help to their business, “In a very competitive market businesses always need more resource and innovation. With Credico UK we found both!” said Nick Gunga, Head of Field, Retail and TV Sales at TalkTalk. The firm also believe that we played a huge part in driving them closer to their one million TV target. TalkTalk are also extremely excited about our event and local marketing ideas and want to continue to grow in these areas.

We believe that we offer our clients an exceptional service that helps to drive their businesses to success and we would like to continue working on this growth and innovation in the New Year!


Credico attend Collars and Coats Ball

We were invited to attend the Collars and Coats Ball in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats home. The prestigious fundraising event took place on the 30th October at Battersea Evolution. The fundraiser was a star-studded event and we were honoured to attend.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s Guard of Honour, where blue-coated Battersea dogs lined the route along the red carpet. After this exciting arrival we took our spot in the exclusive VIP area and took part in the fundraising auction for some truly remarkable items. We were then treated to performances from the fabulous Soul Singer, Heather Small, who some of you may know from the band M People, glamorous retro girl band the Tootsie Rollers and the amazing Strictly Come Dancing Band which featured Dave Arch and his Orchestra.

The evening lasted from 6:30pm until 2:00am and was a black tie event with a fancy as you like dress code for ladies. It was a fabulous evening and the fundraiser was a huge success. The evening got us thinking about the importance of attending such events! These events are extremely important to raise money and awareness for certain charities and they are a also great way to network with like-minded people. Networking is absolutely vital for entrepreneurs if their business is to survive because they must constantly learn new skills and develop to keep up with an ever-growing market.

We understand the importance of these events because they raise awareness for the brand or charity and that is exactly what we do for our clients. As well as raising awareness the charity hosts events and activities like this to create further excitement around raising funds for the charity. We were extremely honoured to attend the Collars & Coats Ball and hope that a huge amount of money was raised for the Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

The Importance of Brand Loyalty

Every company wants their customers to return to them and achieve brand loyalty. There are a number of reasons for this, so we’ve looked into why brand loyalty is so important and what it takes to achieve this.


According to research 80% of a brand’s future sales will come from just 20% of their already existing customer base. So this means if you have no returning customers you will make virtually no sales and therefore your business is likely to fail. Providing a good customer service and a product/service that matches its description, aka being an authentic brand, is likely to keep customers coming back for more.


Marketing campaigns can sometimes cost a lot and that is just to catch the attention or potential prospects, it does not mean you are guaranteed to close the deal. Whereas, loyal customers have already heard of your brand and know what it is all about, therefore they are more than likely to buy any new products you release.


By having loyal customers you are gaining an army of free brand advocates. They are going to spread the word about how much they like your brand and therefore market your business with absolutely no effort on your part. All you have to do is then live up to your customers’ promises and all the new prospect has heard about your company.

The more customers you impress the more sales you will make and the more customers will return to your business, therefore improving your brand loyalty and growing your business. For information on the brand loyalty services that we provide head to or email