Strengthening your market reach through field marketing

Field marketing involves distributing, auditing, selling or sampling promotions in the “field.” A brand’s message is delivered via promotional personnel to the consumer through either a sample, a piece of merchandise or literature. Field marketing can be an excellent way to gain valuable feedback and to create personal relationships with consumers.

Here at Credico UK we can extend a field marketing campaign to any city in the UK which generates superb results at multiple levels for our clients. We believe that field marketing is the best way to extend your market reach because the measurable data it returns allows us to secure the widest exposure. Field marketing is also the perfect solution for brands with small promotional budgets because it delivers incremental results even in times of economic downturn. Studies have shown that the field marketing channel compliments rather than compromises the results of other channels.

We believe that promoting a product or service nationwide can be a great way to improve brand awareness and strengthen brand credibility. This is because the more people notice and become aware of a brand the more they trust and revisit the brand which leads to excellent customer loyalty.

To help you fully understand how field marketing strengthens your market reach we have highlighted the top benefits of field marketing.

Personal touch
Field marketing creates face-to-face interaction between brand and consumer which allows the brand to really connect and understand what the consumer needs or wants. In turn, the customer feels valued by the brand and becomes a loyal customer.

Value of experience
When sampling it is possible to build a brand experience so that the consumer walks away with a clear idea of what the brand stands for.

Cost Effective
By researching and identifying the most suited profile of the target market we can generate a large return on investment for our clients. Low budget campaigns can be just as successful as larger ones.



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