Getting the best out of your staff

At Credico UK we believe that it is important to encourage and treat staff well. This not only motivates staff to do a good job but happy staff often leads to happy customers. This is often referred to as “The Trickle Down Effect”, a good manager treats his/her staff well, meaning that staff are content and want to do a good job, meaning they provide the best service possible to their customers, meaning customers leave happy and return again and again.

We also believe that cementing good relationships with your clients and customers is highly important in business and we believe that the two – forging long-lasting relationships and getting the best out of staff – go hand in hand. So we are offering ways to motivate and get the most out of your employees:

Treat everyone as an individual
Respect that different employees have different needs. Get to know each member of staff and show you understand them by being flexible to their personal situations. For example, if an employee is in a long distance relationship, you may want to let them leave early on Friday afternoons. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to put extra hours in during the week to keep on top of their workload.

Praise good work and offer feedback
Public praise – congratulating someone in front of everyone – can be a huge motivator. Regular feedback and encouragement makes employees feel positive and they are likely to invest this positive energy into your business.

Lead by example
A productive team needs a productive leader. A good leader should embody the company’s brand and be true to its ethics, otherwise how can you expect employees to do this? It is equally important that employees see you putting in as much energy as them – if not more. A good leader must lead by example, by demonstrating the behaviours that are expected of staff. Be excited by new challenges and show real enthusiasm for projects.

Encourage people to take a break
Everyone needs a break in order to operate at their full potential. Approach people who haven’t used their holiday entitlement and encourage them to get away. This will also prove to employees that you care about their wellbeing.

Give ownership to your team
While new employees will need clear instructions and guidance, once they have learnt the ropes, let go of the reins. Leave them to be led by their own initiative and congratulate them for doing so. By giving this ownership to a team they will feel trusted and motivated to prove that that trust was rightfully placed.



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