The importance of maintaining relationships

When you enter a partnership with a client it can be a very exciting time, everyone is getting to know each other and understanding what they want from each other. But as time goes on relationships can dwindle if they are not maintained properly.

Here at Credico we do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that we keep building on those collaborations and that our clients are fully satisfied with what is happening and the results they are seeing. To do this we ensure that we are constantly training and making sure that everyone within our firm understands our clients’ needs.

We believe that our clients are the most important people in our business and we like to make them feel this way! By constantly developing our processes and continuously training our sales-force to a high standard we are able to make our clients feel truly valued.

Here are some tips for maintaining strong relationships with clients:

There’s no such thing as over-communicating
Clients depend on you to keep them informed so you should make regular communication with them a top priority.

Be a useful resource
The more value you offer, the more a client comes to depend on you. Don’t hesitate to share any information that clients may find useful, whether it benefits you or not. But refrain from bombarding them with irrelevant news or gossip.

Be honest at all times
No partnership will survive if the two parties can’t be honest with each other. Clients are smart, they will know if they are not been told the whole truth. Without a reputation for integrity, you’ll never be able to cultivate the kind of long-term relationships your business depends on.

Think of clients as more than just “clients”
A client is more than just a revenue stream; each client has their likes and dislikes, preferences for how to do business, issues and concerns. The more you can identify with a client as a person, rather than a chance to make money, the stronger the bond between you will grow.

Have a vision of partnership
If you’re cultivating the relationship in all the right ways, all while delivering the service the client needs, you can work on developing a partnership with the client. A client, who determines you’re in it for the long haul, and that you’re actively motivated to help them succeed, soon begins to see you as more than just a service. You become a partner in their enterprise and someone they grow to value more and more as time goes on.


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