The importance of maintaining relationships

When you enter a partnership with a client it can be a very exciting time, everyone is getting to know each other and understanding what they want from each other. But as time goes on relationships can dwindle if they are not maintained properly.

Here at Credico we do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that we keep building on those collaborations and that our clients are fully satisfied with what is happening and the results they are seeing. To do this we ensure that we are constantly training and making sure that everyone within our firm understands our clients’ needs.

We believe that our clients are the most important people in our business and we like to make them feel this way! By constantly developing our processes and continuously training our sales-force to a high standard we are able to make our clients feel truly valued.

Here are some tips for maintaining strong relationships with clients:

There’s no such thing as over-communicating
Clients depend on you to keep them informed so you should make regular communication with them a top priority.

Be a useful resource
The more value you offer, the more a client comes to depend on you. Don’t hesitate to share any information that clients may find useful, whether it benefits you or not. But refrain from bombarding them with irrelevant news or gossip.

Be honest at all times
No partnership will survive if the two parties can’t be honest with each other. Clients are smart, they will know if they are not been told the whole truth. Without a reputation for integrity, you’ll never be able to cultivate the kind of long-term relationships your business depends on.

Think of clients as more than just “clients”
A client is more than just a revenue stream; each client has their likes and dislikes, preferences for how to do business, issues and concerns. The more you can identify with a client as a person, rather than a chance to make money, the stronger the bond between you will grow.

Have a vision of partnership
If you’re cultivating the relationship in all the right ways, all while delivering the service the client needs, you can work on developing a partnership with the client. A client, who determines you’re in it for the long haul, and that you’re actively motivated to help them succeed, soon begins to see you as more than just a service. You become a partner in their enterprise and someone they grow to value more and more as time goes on.


The common misconceptions of Direct Marketing

We’ve come across a few common misconceptions about direct marketing that people seem to take as fact! We’d like to put these to bed and tell you the truth about direct marketing!

Misconception 1: Direct marketing can only be used for immediate sales.
This view misses a fundamental point: direct marketing is not exclusively about selling. It’s about direct and assertive appeals to get a prospect to deepen their engagement with a company. The appeals guide the prospect along the path to a sales event either in the short- or long-term. You can use direct marketing to build a brand, acquire leads and strengthen existing relationships.

Misconception 2: Direct marketing is expensive.
You can spend as much or as little as you like on your direct marketing campaign and it will still produce fantastic results if done right. In fact, direct marketing is often a hugely cost-effective route, much more so than traditional forms of advertising such as television and radio. Most direct marketing campaigns will see a ROI guaranteed, even in times of economic downturn.

Misconception 3: Online marketing makes direct marketing irrelevant.
If anything, we believe it makes it more relevant. In today’s online marketing world, consumers feel cut off from their favourite brands and though a quick online service may sometimes be convenient it is in no way personal, something that consumers really desire. Direct marketing has the power to personalise each campaign and to each person, making consumers feel valued.

How many of these misconceptions did you believe? Have your views changed at all after reading our post? We certainly hope so, because direct marketing could be what you’ve been looking for to improve your brand loyalty and acquisition!


How face-to-face marketing generates greater results than mass marketing

We believe that forms of mass marketing, such as email, television and radio may have had their day. Spam emails and broken promises from television and radio advertising have desensitised the consumer to these methods of selling. A large number of emails from sellers go un-opened and the channel is often changed when adverts come on, meaning that the message is rarely received by consumers. Whereas, face-to-face marketing, with its personal approach is rarely ignored by consumers, even if the deal is never closed, and is becoming a much more popular and much more effective form of marketing. If you’re not convinced then we’ve shared the following reasons as to why face-to-face marketing is more effective than mass marketing:

Gain the buyer’s attention
When you are in front of a prospect or client, you have the enviable position of having his or her complete attention. However, just like television ads, you must impress them immediately. Therefore, enthusiasm and energy are just as important as the product knowledge. Selling face-to-face and gaining attention of a consumer is much more powerful than being another envelope in a sea of letters.

Tailor product benefits to specific needs of the buyer
Mass marketing is aimed at exactly that, a mass of people, and only a handful of these people will actually find the product useful and an even smaller handful will go out and buy the product. With face-to-face marketing you can find out about your consumer and the needs they have and then offer them a product that will best suit their needs. There will be a much higher likelihood of them being interested in and buying the product.

Tailor a presentation to a specific buyer type
You can aim your product or your presentation at an ideal target market. The people who are most likely to be interested in your product as it will help them in some way. But you can also tailor these presentations to meet the different behavioural types of the people that fall into your ideal target market. You would not offer the same pitch to a 20 year old and a 70 year old as they will have different needs and also respond to different types of communication. With face-to-face marketing the presentation can be altered to suit each consumer and their differences.

Provide instant answers to buyer questions
Buyers can become impatient, if they can’t find the answer to their question online and the brand’s social media pages aren’t responding quickly enough, they will take their custom elsewhere. The beauty of face-to-face marketing is that if the consumer has a question it can be answered immediately and they will be left with no doubt on how the product works.

Strengthening your market reach through field marketing

Field marketing involves distributing, auditing, selling or sampling promotions in the “field.” A brand’s message is delivered via promotional personnel to the consumer through either a sample, a piece of merchandise or literature. Field marketing can be an excellent way to gain valuable feedback and to create personal relationships with consumers.

Here at Credico UK we can extend a field marketing campaign to any city in the UK which generates superb results at multiple levels for our clients. We believe that field marketing is the best way to extend your market reach because the measurable data it returns allows us to secure the widest exposure. Field marketing is also the perfect solution for brands with small promotional budgets because it delivers incremental results even in times of economic downturn. Studies have shown that the field marketing channel compliments rather than compromises the results of other channels.

We believe that promoting a product or service nationwide can be a great way to improve brand awareness and strengthen brand credibility. This is because the more people notice and become aware of a brand the more they trust and revisit the brand which leads to excellent customer loyalty.

To help you fully understand how field marketing strengthens your market reach we have highlighted the top benefits of field marketing.

Personal touch
Field marketing creates face-to-face interaction between brand and consumer which allows the brand to really connect and understand what the consumer needs or wants. In turn, the customer feels valued by the brand and becomes a loyal customer.

Value of experience
When sampling it is possible to build a brand experience so that the consumer walks away with a clear idea of what the brand stands for.

Cost Effective
By researching and identifying the most suited profile of the target market we can generate a large return on investment for our clients. Low budget campaigns can be just as successful as larger ones.


Why Our Clients Choose us!

As the year draws to an end, we are taking the time to reflect on what we do best for our clients and why our clients choose us so that we can maintain our level of service into the New Year. We get regular feedback from our clients and looking over their comments we were pleased to receive so many kind words.

Care2Give was established to provide charities with an alternative means of securing long term, committed supporters. Care2Give enjoy working with us because, “Innovation requires collaboration, our partnership with Credico UK has enabled us to use each of our businesses strengths to accelerate performance and reach our aspiration of impressive year on year growth” says Phil Lowther, Managing Director of Care2Give.

Leading broadband and telephone company TalkTalk also find our innovative skills to be of help to their business, “In a very competitive market businesses always need more resource and innovation. With Credico UK we found both!” said Nick Gunga, Head of Field, Retail and TV Sales at TalkTalk. The firm also believe that we played a huge part in driving them closer to their one million TV target. TalkTalk are also extremely excited about our event and local marketing ideas and want to continue to grow in these areas.

We believe that we offer our clients an exceptional service that helps to drive their businesses to success and we would like to continue working on this growth and innovation in the New Year!


Credico UK: How to Decide Which Field of Marketing is Best for Your Business.

Every business needs marketing, whether it is for one-off promotions or long-term brand awareness, marketing is what attracts consumers to your business. But how do you know which form of marketing is best for you? Well, in this blog we are going to outline the benefits of several forms of direct marketing so that hopefully you find it easier to choose.

Event Marketing
Event marketing is one of the most powerful techniques used by businesses today. A successful and memorable event will increase the visibility of your brand as well as encouraging consumer engagement which is likely to improve brand loyalty. Events provide many opportunities to not only connect with consumers but also sell products on the spot.

B2B Marketing
Business-to-Business marketing is often sort after by ‘service’ businesses as it is one of the best ways to acquire long-term customers. B2B customers are also renowned for ordering higher quantities of  products and spend more money than retail clients. With B2B marketing you can spend a considerable amount of time with the customer and build stronger bonds that improve brand loyalty.

B2C Marketing
Business-to-consumer marketing allows you to personalise and tailor products to a customer’s specific needs. This means that you can effectively differentiate yourself from mass-producing competitors. Individually tailored products are often perceived as more attractive by customers and are therefore more popular. Connecting with consumers on a personal level often leads to increased brand loyalty and brand awareness through recommendation.

Direct Face-to-face marketing can be extremely cost effective for businesses as compared to tradition forms of advertising such as TV & Billboards it offers a much higher ROI. Consumers also trust a sales advisor that they meet in person more, which builds strong business relationships that are likely to be maintained for a long while. These forms of marketing also gives you direct access to your target market.

We believe that all 3 methods work extremely well and produce phenomenal results. It is just a matter of choosing which one best suits your business!



Credico UK Scopes out London Event Venues

Every year we host an awards ceremony for the direct sales and marketing industry, after this year’s huge success we want to make sure that next year lives up to expectations. So this week we went to investigate some incredible London venues.

The Royal Festival Hall is where we have previously hosted our annual awards ceremony, it’s a world famous arts centre on the Southbank of the Thames. Opened in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain, the Grade 1 listed Hall is one of the world’s leading performance venues. The venue is home to a large auditorium, The Clore Ballroom, the Saison Poetry Library, a Riverside Terrace cafe, plus a Central Bar and Skylon restaurant. Perfect for entertaining. We love working with the venue and have rebooked for our 2015 event.

We also visited The Mondrian Hotel London which is a striking building located on the banks of the River Thames in the famous Sea Containers building. Mondrian London offers river view balcony suites directly on the Thames as well as a rooftop bar, outdoor terrace, and panoramic views over London. The stylish venue is within walking distance of famous London landmarks such as Globe theatres, Borough Market and the London Eye. The venue has 5 stylish event and meeting rooms that can hold varying amounts of people. This could be a great venue for our VIP after-party, we’ll probably check out a few more before making a final decision.

We’re aiming to make next year’s event the best one yet!

How to Innovate and Improve Customer Acquisition

Every business wants to acquire new customers because that’s how they grow. But what can you do to improve your customer acquisition? Here at Credico UK we offer a new customer acquisitions service and have provided our top tips to helping your business grow your client base.

Tell it how it is
No one has time for the ‘wind-up pitch.’ Prepare well-honed phrases and make sure it’s to the point. This will show you are focuses on your agenda and proposition and potential consumers will appreciated the honesty.

Talk about failures
It builds credibility. It makes the company appear human and real (everyone makes mistakes). It is important to add what has been done to change this so that those failures won’t occur again.

Get sold yourself
Pick the most successful competitors in your area and go through their sales process. Be aware of how you feel during each step and see why their approach works well.

Pitch an enemy
Find the most disagreeable person out there and pitch to them. Let them be as nasty as possible and then analyse whether anything they said has merit so that you can fix this.

Start an email newsletter
Give them useful information each week or each month. This will put you in the forefront of their mind but for a positive reason and may convince them to buy from you.

Ask questions
Simply allowing people to verbalise their needs is therapeutic for them and tells them that you care about them. It also allows you to hone in on what points to make when it’s your turn to talk. Ask follow-up questions to make sure you understand what they’re saying.

Take notes
Take notes and use those the next time you make contact. Of course the target will realise you’ve taken notes from previous conversations but that’s okay. It tells them you cared enough to do so and you’re apt to continue to do so should they do business with you.

Get new business from old business
If you have a strong relationship with your existing customers you should be able to ask them for more business before you try and warm up stone cold leads. Ask existing customers for referrals and keep track of who referred who.


For assistance with building your client base or improving your market reach, contact Credico UK on

Credico attend Collars and Coats Ball

We were invited to attend the Collars and Coats Ball in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats home. The prestigious fundraising event took place on the 30th October at Battersea Evolution. The fundraiser was a star-studded event and we were honoured to attend.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s Guard of Honour, where blue-coated Battersea dogs lined the route along the red carpet. After this exciting arrival we took our spot in the exclusive VIP area and took part in the fundraising auction for some truly remarkable items. We were then treated to performances from the fabulous Soul Singer, Heather Small, who some of you may know from the band M People, glamorous retro girl band the Tootsie Rollers and the amazing Strictly Come Dancing Band which featured Dave Arch and his Orchestra.

The evening lasted from 6:30pm until 2:00am and was a black tie event with a fancy as you like dress code for ladies. It was a fabulous evening and the fundraiser was a huge success. The evening got us thinking about the importance of attending such events! These events are extremely important to raise money and awareness for certain charities and they are a also great way to network with like-minded people. Networking is absolutely vital for entrepreneurs if their business is to survive because they must constantly learn new skills and develop to keep up with an ever-growing market.

We understand the importance of these events because they raise awareness for the brand or charity and that is exactly what we do for our clients. As well as raising awareness the charity hosts events and activities like this to create further excitement around raising funds for the charity. We were extremely honoured to attend the Collars & Coats Ball and hope that a huge amount of money was raised for the Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

The Importance of Brand Loyalty

Every company wants their customers to return to them and achieve brand loyalty. There are a number of reasons for this, so we’ve looked into why brand loyalty is so important and what it takes to achieve this.


According to research 80% of a brand’s future sales will come from just 20% of their already existing customer base. So this means if you have no returning customers you will make virtually no sales and therefore your business is likely to fail. Providing a good customer service and a product/service that matches its description, aka being an authentic brand, is likely to keep customers coming back for more.


Marketing campaigns can sometimes cost a lot and that is just to catch the attention or potential prospects, it does not mean you are guaranteed to close the deal. Whereas, loyal customers have already heard of your brand and know what it is all about, therefore they are more than likely to buy any new products you release.


By having loyal customers you are gaining an army of free brand advocates. They are going to spread the word about how much they like your brand and therefore market your business with absolutely no effort on your part. All you have to do is then live up to your customers’ promises and all the new prospect has heard about your company.

The more customers you impress the more sales you will make and the more customers will return to your business, therefore improving your brand loyalty and growing your business. For information on the brand loyalty services that we provide head to or email