Why Our Clients Choose us!

As the year draws to an end, we are taking the time to reflect on what we do best for our clients and why our clients choose us so that we can maintain our level of service into the New Year. We get regular feedback from our clients and looking over their comments we were pleased to receive so many kind words.

Care2Give was established to provide charities with an alternative means of securing long term, committed supporters. Care2Give enjoy working with us because, “Innovation requires collaboration, our partnership with Credico UK has enabled us to use each of our businesses strengths to accelerate performance and reach our aspiration of impressive year on year growth” says Phil Lowther, Managing Director of Care2Give.

Leading broadband and telephone company TalkTalk also find our innovative skills to be of help to their business, “In a very competitive market businesses always need more resource and innovation. With Credico UK we found both!” said Nick Gunga, Head of Field, Retail and TV Sales at TalkTalk. The firm also believe that we played a huge part in driving them closer to their one million TV target. TalkTalk are also extremely excited about our event and local marketing ideas and want to continue to grow in these areas.

We believe that we offer our clients an exceptional service that helps to drive their businesses to success and we would like to continue working on this growth and innovation in the New Year!



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