Credico UK: How to Decide Which Field of Marketing is Best for Your Business.

Every business needs marketing, whether it is for one-off promotions or long-term brand awareness, marketing is what attracts consumers to your business. But how do you know which form of marketing is best for you? Well, in this blog we are going to outline the benefits of several forms of direct marketing so that hopefully you find it easier to choose.

Event Marketing
Event marketing is one of the most powerful techniques used by businesses today. A successful and memorable event will increase the visibility of your brand as well as encouraging consumer engagement which is likely to improve brand loyalty. Events provide many opportunities to not only connect with consumers but also sell products on the spot.

B2B Marketing
Business-to-Business marketing is often sort after by ‘service’ businesses as it is one of the best ways to acquire long-term customers. B2B customers are also renowned for ordering higher quantities of  products and spend more money than retail clients. With B2B marketing you can spend a considerable amount of time with the customer and build stronger bonds that improve brand loyalty.

B2C Marketing
Business-to-consumer marketing allows you to personalise and tailor products to a customer’s specific needs. This means that you can effectively differentiate yourself from mass-producing competitors. Individually tailored products are often perceived as more attractive by customers and are therefore more popular. Connecting with consumers on a personal level often leads to increased brand loyalty and brand awareness through recommendation.

Direct Face-to-face marketing can be extremely cost effective for businesses as compared to tradition forms of advertising such as TV & Billboards it offers a much higher ROI. Consumers also trust a sales advisor that they meet in person more, which builds strong business relationships that are likely to be maintained for a long while. These forms of marketing also gives you direct access to your target market.

We believe that all 3 methods work extremely well and produce phenomenal results. It is just a matter of choosing which one best suits your business!




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