How to Innovate and Improve Customer Acquisition

Every business wants to acquire new customers because that’s how they grow. But what can you do to improve your customer acquisition? Here at Credico UK we offer a new customer acquisitions service and have provided our top tips to helping your business grow your client base.

Tell it how it is
No one has time for the ‘wind-up pitch.’ Prepare well-honed phrases and make sure it’s to the point. This will show you are focuses on your agenda and proposition and potential consumers will appreciated the honesty.

Talk about failures
It builds credibility. It makes the company appear human and real (everyone makes mistakes). It is important to add what has been done to change this so that those failures won’t occur again.

Get sold yourself
Pick the most successful competitors in your area and go through their sales process. Be aware of how you feel during each step and see why their approach works well.

Pitch an enemy
Find the most disagreeable person out there and pitch to them. Let them be as nasty as possible and then analyse whether anything they said has merit so that you can fix this.

Start an email newsletter
Give them useful information each week or each month. This will put you in the forefront of their mind but for a positive reason and may convince them to buy from you.

Ask questions
Simply allowing people to verbalise their needs is therapeutic for them and tells them that you care about them. It also allows you to hone in on what points to make when it’s your turn to talk. Ask follow-up questions to make sure you understand what they’re saying.

Take notes
Take notes and use those the next time you make contact. Of course the target will realise you’ve taken notes from previous conversations but that’s okay. It tells them you cared enough to do so and you’re apt to continue to do so should they do business with you.

Get new business from old business
If you have a strong relationship with your existing customers you should be able to ask them for more business before you try and warm up stone cold leads. Ask existing customers for referrals and keep track of who referred who.


For assistance with building your client base or improving your market reach, contact Credico UK on


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