What is Direct Marketing?

If you’ve visited our Credico UK website then you will have seen the term direct marketing. But what is direct marketing and why do we use it? Well you are about to enter a ‘direct marketing for dummies’ crash course.

Direct marketing is about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote a product or service. When you think of advertising we know your first thoughts are probably TV and Radio adverts but unlike these types of marketing, direct marketing allows us to contact particular people with a
personalised message about a product that is right for them.

So who uses it and why? Well because direct marketing is extremely cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales, it is ideal for all kinds of businesses. Direct marketing allows businesses to focus their marketing resources on a specific group of ideal customers where they are most likely to get results.

There are several types of direct marketing including: Events, Direct mail, leafleting, telephoning B2B, and residential campaigns. Here at Credico UK we use face-to-face marketing. This allows us to have a much deeper and personal connection with both our clients and consumers. Would you rather share your product desires with a real person or a computer screen? We think people can offer a much better customer service and help solve your needs quickly.

Primarily, direct marketing has been designed to offer consumers a better experience with their favourite brands. Direct Marketing companies want people to feel like the valued customers there are and not just another sale.

So, we hope you have enjoyed our lesson, that we’ve cleared up the term ‘Direct Marketing’ and that you know why it is important.


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