As an entrepreneur, leadership skills are essential. When we think of the traits of a leader, I’m sure we all think the same. Leaders need to be able to lead a team, use their initiative and make quick decisions. We all have our idea of what makes a good leader, however, new research online suggests that you can’t believe everything you read. Check out these 4 lies about leadership:

  1. “All managers are leaders”

Just because you’ve earned a management position, it doesn’t mean you are automatically a leader. Management is a subset of leadership, not its equivalent. Some people reach management because they are good at setting up, hiring people and maintaining the company’s systems and processes. It is only when they can help drive the business forward and bring out the best in people, they become a leader.

  1. “People are born leaders”

Leadership does require a certain type of person, but these leadership skills can still be learnt. Becoming a good leader requires a strong focus on developing your behaviour and characteristics. There is no time for studying their biological background.

  1. ‘Leaders always have the right answers’

Leadership is about asking the right questions and knowing where to go for the best answers. It’s about being able to use your initiative and think on your feet. These are skills that contribute to becoming an excellent leader.

  1. ‘Leadership is about ambition’

There is nothing wrong with having ambition in business. It’s having the ability to bring those ambitions into reality that’s important for a leader. Leadership is all about the greater good. You know you’re an effective leader when your clients, customers and colleagues are also better off!


How many of these lies did you originally believe? Are you surprised by the outcome?

It’s a fact that anyone can be a leader if they set their mind to it. Leadership is all about having the ability to implement the strategies you think are best and to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The only way you’re going to get better is to put your leadership skills into action!




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